Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm still here...& Resolution Update VIII

I know it's been about a month since my last post and it seems that I have left my blog to flounder. But I am back to resuscitate it!

I was feeling pressured to make crafty items, even though I may not have a place to put them, just so that I could blog about them. I've decided to change the direction of my blog and use it more as a journal and less craft orientated. Of course I'll still share things that I make it will just be a smaller amount.

I totally missed my Resolution Update for May, so I'll share a quick recap:

Healthy Living:
My life got a little wonky in May, I switched birth control brands and it totally messed with my hormones and made me crazy! So after being on it for about 3 weeks, I emailed my doctor and got back on my old one. So now I'm back to normal.

While I was out of sorts I was eating all kinds of crazy food, like I had cake for lunch one day, and a few days later a bag of mini chocolate donuts. I know I can't blame it all on the hormone change, I'm still the one in control of what I put into my body. So needless to say I didn't lose any weight. BOO!
sweet tooth
No Fast Food: Even though I was all hormonal I was still able to keep this resolution in May. I'm pretty proud of myself for that :)

Blog 2-3 times a week:
Well if you're a follower then you know I failed miserably at this task. I just wasn't feeling it. Though I was still a lame-o and checked my stats pretty often. I actually thought about a lot of different posts I wanted to do but didn't do a darn thing about them.

Scrapbook/Crafty Project:
I failed here too! Again I thought a lot about some projects I want to do but did nothing. Nada, Zilch! I'm hoping for a more productive month in June.

Education Plan:
I got a registration date for RCC (local community college) to make up a class that I didn't do so well in for the program I'll be starting in the fall. Hopefully I'll get my class before it's full!

Time with Friends & Family:
I did much better in this category, work took us out to El Torito for dinner and drinks. Which always leads to the best time EVER! I love my Riverside Ave Crew!

A few days later we said good bye to Tiffany with dinner at a local restaurant and a few more drinks :) I didn't realize how much purple I have in my closet :D
We also celebrated Mother's Day at our house, Handy Andy prepared a lovely brunch, and I set the table. We had both my parents and little brother over. It was a really nice day. For my Mom's gift I gave her a gift certificate to Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, with the added bonus of me as her guest :)

Read 24 Books:
During the month of May I finished Sliding Into Home, by Kendra Wilkinson and Bossy Pants by Tina Fey. I really enjoyed Fey's book, it made me laugh out loud quite a few times. I liked Kendra's book too, I loved the Girl's Next Door so it was nice to get a peek behind the camera.

Hopefully you all are still on track with your resolutions, I hope to get going in the right direction again.


  1. Switching birth control is always an adjustment! I feel like when I went off of birth control completely my hormones were all over the place! Glad you're back to bloggin :)

  2. Great to hear from you, Nicole! When folks are MIA this time of year I always assume it is vacation related.

    Welcome back! I have missed you!

  3. I've had the same issues with blogging and other things lately as well. For a few months actually. Tons of ideas for blogs, even got the pictures taken...and then, nothing.

    Also, did you and your mom have a good time at Glen Ivy? Kelly and I took my mom there for Mother's Day as well. We had a great time!


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