Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Other Man in My Life

You all know how much I adore my husband but I must tell you about the other man in my life. He's a handsome little guy, with big brown eyes, blonde hair and he gives the best kisses! 

In case you haven't figured it out, its my furry four legged child Sheldon! I love that little guy, we aren't quite sure what he's made of, but its a great combination! Debbie and Lucy over at Debbiedoo's Blogging and Blabbing are hosting a pet party, be sure to check it out and share about your favorite pet!

I thought I'd share a mini album I created about my love bug!

The picture on the left was around the time we adopted Sheldon (July 2008), he looks so small there. Please don't judge us but we do share people food with Sheldon and he likes LOVES french fries!

I've developed a bad habit, every time I go to pick up Sheldon's favorite treats I always end up getting him a new toy. I can't help myself, I know he loves playing with them, he loves them all: stuffed, squeaky, rubber, rope.

Sheldon loves playing with my parents' Boston Terrier Bella, they always have a blast together. They love to chase each other and play tug o' war, too cute!

How can you not love that face!
There you have it our adorable puppy love! Be sure to check out Debbie and Lucy's party to see all the adorable pets who are partying it up! Do you have another man (or woman) that holds a special spot in your heart? Let's hear about them in a comment below.


  1. Sheldon is too cute! I am glad he has a friend in Bella. I bet they have too much fun together!!!

  2. Sheldon is not spoiled in the least!!~ How beautiful. Thanks for joining Lucy's party. Please add my link..thanks:)


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